The Website Butler

Your own fully personalized website in just a few clicks

The Website Butler is available to all NetZone customers, allowing them to create websites quickly and easily. It can also handle a small web shop without any problems. Simply select a template and get started.

Simple, fast and individual

All templates provided by the Website Butler can be modified and expanded to meet your individual needs. To add an extra page; modify an image or substitute one photo for another, all you have to do is click once. The Website Butler is designed to be used without having to read boring instructions before you can begin. Instead it is intuitive. And if something should go wrong, the Website Butler can restore your page from its backup.

You can also use the Website Butler to present yourself from your best side on mobile devices

Thanks to the integrated responsive web design tool every page is automatically optimized for viewing on mobile devices with varying screen sizes.


You will find the Website Butler in the NetConfig under website management. Users who only have a domain registration with NetZone can use a limited light version of the Website Butler as a feature of the DNS-Plus menu. In addition to this, you will finda demo version for testing here.

The Website Butler light version can be used for any domain which is registered with NetZone and is provided as an addition to the DNS-Plus service. This version does not include all of the full version features.

You can use the Website Butler to create a new site independent of your current site. Once you are ready, you can replace the old one with the new one.