We give top priority to security. Correspondingly, over the last 20 years we have developed systems which are able to efficiently protect our systems from attacks.

Free SSL certificate

Today almost every website includes a contact form or other option for transmission of sensitive data. Data which is not sent via an SSL connection has no protection against abuse on the Internet. However, it takes just a few clicks to activate a free Let's Encrypt certificate in the NetConfig, ensuring that the connection between visitors and our server is protected. Let’s work together to make the Internet a little safer!

Let's encrypt

A Let's Encrypt certificate can be activated in the NetConfig at any time and does not require any special technical skills. We will handle automatic extension of the certificate for you.

Application Firewall

Application Firewall

Not every visitor to a website has good intentions. Systematic attempts to find weaknesses in websites generally begin shortly after they are launched, with the objective of abusing the site and spreading malicious code. Our protective systems are active for all customers, irrespective of their chosen package, protecting scripts against attacks. All visitors are carefully monitored and all data sent to the server is checked for possible malicious code. In the event our system identifies a potential risk, the attacker’s IP address will automatically be blocked.

You, as the website operator, can also contribute to protection by carrying out regular security updates. Our security systems are only efficient if the scripts they are protecting are up to date.

CMS systems which have been installed using our software installer obtain critical security updates automatically. If you have installed a CMS system yourself, you can also link it retroactively to the software installer and use the installer to obtain security updates. Our support team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.